NSF Stainless Steel Kitchen Prep & Work Table

NSF Stainless Steel Kitchen Prep & Work Table

• Extra heavy-duty top


• Rounded front and back edges


• Adjustable height under-shelf


• Adjustable height non-marring feet


•NSF Certified, which guarantees read more


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"Yep it has some flaws. Don't care. It's sturdy and looks good, does show any and I do mean ANY scratches at all that get on the surface but if you wanted something that wont deface or look like its seen use, you're going to spend more money. Probably a lot more.Came with a dented/bent corner on the back top left, (circled in the picture I added text but its probably too small to read, just says "Fixed with pliers and small hammer" I don't blame the shipping or the packaging, its a heavy dang table and I live in Alaska. One small bend from shipping a couple thousand extra miles... I'm  good.Assembly was pretty fast and the only reason I took a star off was because the "adjustable legs" would be annoying to get to the exact height all the way around. Possible of course but it would take a bit and probably be frustrating. The legs in the top of the table are two screws tightened/held by Allen screws and then again 2 Allen screws for the middle shelf, so 4 screws per leg. Used a level to setting the shelf, came out great! The shelf also adds a good deal of rigidity and strength to the table as the legs are not moving around at all once they are tightened up using the provided Allen screws.I think and will update if I'm wrong but I believe the table with the legs all the way into the top sits at about 34.75 inches. Table height 34.75, not back-splash height. My counter is about 36 as you can see behind the table so the back-splash is almost exactly at the height of the center island.This table was a very nice addition for our kitchen and added a good amount counter space. I added a large cutting board to it and that has been it. OK, the roses were for our anniversary.Cleaning the table, I used a Clorox wipe (center/right of picture) and while it cleaned it, it also made some streaks, used Windex wipe and that came out pretty much perfect after that. Clorox of course kills anything and has gotten anything off of the table but they are quite a bit more damp. Left to dry, then come back with the Windex and all good." - D.S. Northcote

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