Dyson V8 Absolute: Currently the best cordless vacuum in the market at this price range

Dyson's V8 Absolute cordless vacuum cleaner takes everything great about that impressive V6 Absolute, and ramps things up a notch. Regarding its look, its quite similar to that of its predecessor. However, the intricate improvements over radical changes are what makes the V8 Absolute the best cordless vacuum cleaner you can purchase in the market right now.


Suction power maxes at 115AWWeighs 5.75 poundsBin volume 0.14 gallonsWashable lifetime filterSoft roller and direct-drive cleaner heads40 minutes of usage / charges in 5 hoursTwo year manufacturer warranty

The whole package comes with several components. All for different functions and different situations (Duhh).

Using It

Vacuuming is arguably one of the more instantly satisfying cleaning tasks.

vacuum on, dirt be gone!

However, the weight and tangle of wires of an upright vacuum, or the general lack of power of most cordless ones, can sometimes take the shine off the task. This drawback that boggles all of us fellow house cleaners for decades has finally been solved. The V8 comprehensively picked up whatever dirt I threw at it, over a menagerie of surfaces, provided I used the correct head. From rice to flour, hardwood to a thick pile rug, the V8 Absolute made short work of whatever I fed it. There were a few occasions where a second pass over a stubborn spot was required, but for the most part, the V8 Absolute took to dust like Keith Richards’ nose to white lines, circa 1972

To give you a better idea of the history and improvements of the Dyson vacuum, the following is a link to the previous generation: Dyson V7:


After covering the improvements and what is good about this new Dyson V8 Absolute. It is also important to understand what this model doesn't have. I find the following video helpful in covering these shortcomings:

For more information about Dyson V7, please click here (to Amazon)

For more information about Dyson V8 Absolute, please click here (to Amazon)