O&K Furniture Industrial 4-Tier Bookshelf

I purchased this shelf as a gift for my friend, so I didn't know how long it took him to assemble this. None of them complained about the delivery and assembly, so I assumed it was pretty easy to do. They said it took about 30-40 mins since there were two of them. It was not difficult, but it wasn't a quick job.


I fell in love with it as soon as this shelf came. I love how it looks simple yet antique-ish at the same time. I was surprised when I saw its price online. It looks a lot more expensive than the actual cost!!! The shelves are not made of real wood, but they look really pretty with laminated wood. The look is industrial and rustic that add more characters to my living room! It is also very sturdy and the shelves can hold more than I expected. My friend is able to put most of his heavy textbooks on there. He decorated it with plants and some wooden toys as well.

Last Words

I would give it 4 out of 5. I am definitely in love with this simple yet beautiful bookshelves!! It can easily fit a room theme and is very functional. I am planning to purchase a 2-tier shelf for my bedroom!

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